Culture & entertainment

Artists as well as art and natural heritage lovers will be genuinely seduced by the magical, peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the cultural and recreational activities that are available to everyone.

We offer "heritage walks" in the area of Entraunes-Estenc for you to discover and explore the richness and uniqueness of both our local biodiversity and culture. History enthusiasts will also love the "Bordermarkers walk" starting from Col de la Cayolle.

As far as recreational activities are concerned, our little "Peaks Music & Arts Festival" offers several high quality Jazz and classical music concerts programmed throughout the season.
Artists are happy to show their talents in such an unusual setting for them!

Working in close partnership with the National Park authority enables us to organize lectures, talks, debates and screenings of films and documentaries several times during the season.
A National Park staff member will answer any questions you may have about about wildlife, flora or National Parks in general.

Our facilities can be made available to:

  • Music professionals: singing instructors and their students (workshops and master-classes): choral teachers (short stays, seminars, rehearsals and sharing...)
  • Drama teachers and amateur theatre groups (Dramatic Arts training courses)
  • Visual arts and crafts professionals (pottery, drawing, painting...)

Similar events are held at our refuge in Estenc. Please consult our website: for detailed information.